Sunday, February 6, 2011

A new life for Sprout the orphaned kitten

Sprout feeds from her new mother

Yesterday when I took Sprout, the orphaned kitten, to the vet, the vet looked at her and said, "She looks just like the others" (same colouring as the mother cat's two kittens).

Turns out that Sprout is approximately two weeks old—older than the other two kittens who are 6 days old . . . yet Sprout is less than half their size! The fact that Sprout has one eye open indicates her possible age.

To prepare Sprout to be placed in the pet carrier with the mother cat, the vet rubbed her against one of the other kittens, then put her in. The mother immediately took to her, accepting her as one of her own, licking her fur and her genitalia.

We had to help Sprout to find the nipple, but once her mouth got hold of it, there was no letting go! She drank to her heart's content and when she was done, she curled up and fell asleep with her new siblings.

This morning I called the vet to find out how Sprout was doing and she told me she was fast asleep with the other kittens, looking very content.

Now to find her a good home for when she's old enough to be adopted.

Guaranteed to be a very sweet pet.


Lynn Cohen said...

This simply warms my heart to read this morning. Thank you Elspeth for leading me here. Such a sweet end to this story. I too hope she finds a good next home...when she is ready that is. In the meantime glad she is getting lots of tender loving care from an actual Kitty Mom. You are an angel to have saved her and I bet you feel good too. ;-)) Does that vet neuter these cats before sending them out again?

Elspeth said...

Yes, Lynn. I believe they neuter, once the animal is old enough.