Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ode to Daisy Chain - by Nisha Ojar

The below ode was penned by Nisha Ojar, who was inspired by my novel Daisy Chain.

Daisy chain, daisy chain, where are ya daisy chain?

Waiting for your bright yellow love to pop out and fill my space with all
that daisy love.

Daisy love, daisy love, where are ya daisy love?

Wanting to connect with the energies of those seeking divine love,
together we shall heal ourelves and each other with daisy magic.

Daisy magic, daisy magic, where are ya daisy magic?

Flowing mist through a valley of lilies, awakening those in deep slumber,
its time to rise and touch the earth from your humble corner with your
daisy joy.

Daisy joy, daisy joy, where are ya daisy joy?

Within the heart is where you are found, within the heart lies my song, i
sing your love with magical joy, Daisy chain, you have healed us yet

Nisha Ojar


Unknown said...

Very cute and very fitting. How about reposting this on DC's facebook page as well. :)

Elspeth said...

I did.