Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poem inspired by guest at Yoga & Cupcakes

View from Carlton Savannah during Yoga & Cupcakes

The Carlton Savannah
Kundalini Yoga
The sun going down on one side
The moon imminent, almost astride
Energized; atoms overflowing
Stars blinking
Wave after wave
Of gratefulness
The Universe gesticulating

- Bobbie Evans -


Lynn Cohen said...

My cousin is writing a book about gratefulness. I'll put it on my blog soon for all to see. With photos. you might like it.

Unknown said...

That evening was a very special one. The connection, the energy and the openess was inspiring. During the session you asked us to lie flat on our backs and then after a few minutes open our eyes. The vastness of the evening sky and how close I felt to it was a very emotional experience. Thanks! :p

Elspeth said...

It was unforgettable.