Sunday, July 24, 2011


Lately whenever anyone asks me to do something—professionally or socially—my answer is: "Check me after August 5th."

Who would have thought that this time would have come so quickly—or come at all? I cast my mind back to roughly around this time last year when my friend/yoga peer Durga Devi and I were embarking upon our efforts to bring the first ever Kundalini Yoga teacher training to Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean.

With the guidance and assistance of the Divine, we did what often seemed daunting or impossible. The final week of training will be from 30 July - 5 th August. How time has flown.

Meanwhile, in the next few days leading up to the 30th July, the rest of life comes to a slow down or halt. I have a lot of homework to focus on—various assignments to complete and studying to do for the final exam.

It has been a great journey. Where it ends is where we begin again.


Lynn Cohen said...

So when you are finished does that mean YOU will be such an instructor yourself?

Bravo for all the accomplishments.

Elspeth said...

Well, I am, but because we've never had certification in the Caribbean, even though the experience is there, this was our way of bringing the certification process to us, rather than going away to get it which would be a lot more costly and (unless you're doing the intensive course) is spread out over a much longer time.