Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's in a name?

Yesterday, in a maxi taxi from St. Augustine to Macoya, I jotted down the names and symbols I saw on the windscreen of each vehicle that approached, heading in the other direction (see list at end of this post). For those who don't live in Trinidad and may not know, some drivers stick names or phrases on the windscreens of their vehicles as a form of identification.

Looking at the list below you might deduce that we live in quite a spiritual society. The most repeated name was OM (ie. the symbol, not the letters OM). Interestingly, yesterday I came across some information (click here for the online source) on the threefold symbolism of OM. The first in a list of symbolic equivalents for OM is: COLOURS: RED, WHITE AND BLACK. For those who don't know, those are the colours of T & T's national flag.

Jai Hanuman
OM (symbol)
Bless Child
OM (symbol)
King of Hearts
Who God Bless
Yin/Yang (symbol)
OM (symbol)
Thumbs Up
Praying Hands (symbol)
God is Love
Precious Babes
Super Fats
Sweet Rose of Sharon
God is Good
Praying Hands (symbol)
Sai Baba (image)
On My Own
Sinfull Effects
Road Trip
One Super Power
Live & Let Live
God's Gift.

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Lynn Cohen said...

Sweet Rose of Sharon sounds Irish to me! ???
Interesting list and custom.