Thursday, June 7, 2018


As you approach the place where you have chosen to spend seven precious days of your life, you take a deep breath. It's not what you thought it would have been from the photos . . . in fact, it's more. A wave of relief runs through you and something falls away . . . quite like a large chunk of sand collapses unexpectedly from a beach embankment when the sea rushes in to claim it.
Of course. Letting go makes sense. You're here, finally . . . in a new place, about to meet new people, have new experiences and—according to the retreat brochure–connect with a Power that will move you forward in exactly the way you need, so that you come away with a 'renewed and radiant sense of self.' There's no need to hold on to anything you've left behind.
At the very least, you can already tell you will leave as a different person. You can feel it . . . in the way your lungs seem to have expanded to receive as much as they can of the fresh country air . . . the way your shoes automatically slip from your feet as you step from the taxi . . . the way your bare soles connect with the warm earth and feel like they belong . . .
(To be continued . . .)
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