Friday, June 15, 2018


Early the next morning as you gaze from your verandah to the ocean, a shimmering humming bird hovers inches before you. You smile, seeing it as your new reflection—light, beautiful, trusting.
A sweet, clear melody wafts your way. "Since when do humming birds sing?!" you wonder . . . until you notice a woman, dressed in white, sitting at a distance on another 'tree house' verandah. She is playing a large wooden flute. The sound draws you out and down the pathway in her direction.
Closer up, you recognize her as Elspeth, who will be guiding the Kundalini Yoga and other activities for the retreat. Her eyes are closed, so she doesn't notice you . . . but you feel 'seen' anyway, as something about the sound of the flute touches a deep part of you . . . a part that hasn't yet awakened for the morning . . . in fact, it hasn't awakened in years . . . if ever?
A tingle runs through your body and you know that this is truly the beginning.
(To be continued . . .)
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