Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am live from Copenhagen (update)

Have a look at this whole video ... you'll get a surprise!

And try it too.


Update (24-10-09)
Today, 24 October 2009 is International Day of Climate Action

P.S. A quick note: some people thought that I really was in Copenhagen doing this. No ... it is an online Greenpeace thing (Action-Pact: demand a pact to act on climate change) which you can do from wherever you are in the world. Your name and photo will appear on the 'news report' once you have submitted your slogan, etc. It's to raise awareness about the 350ppm (read about what that is here)


Ticky said...

I was surprised indeed. Great way to get the message across. I did one myself. :)

Anonymous said...

And how were the boxes disposed of after the joke? Were there special arrangements for collection of bio-degradables?