Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To Thine Own Self

Heart shape on stone at Maracas Bay

I do something symbolic and interactive for my birthday (7 October) every year. I didn't go into detail in my last post, but for this year's birthday, I got married to myself. It was a beautiful late-afternoon-into-evening outdoor ceremony under a large tree in Wildflower Park. This "Oneness Celebration" (which is what I called it) was attended by about 12 friends (locally) and some international ones (in spirit). The dress code was white. The weather was fantastic.

After the ceremony and the vows, as night fell, we picnicked on a large piece of tarpaulin, under the stars and moon amidst many fireflies. Even though it was my 'wedding'/Oneness Celebration (becoming one, True Self) it was also everyone else's. We all married our True Selves that evening ... or at least acknowledged and embraced the importance and magnitude of it.

Without this acknowledgment and effort, how easily "Self" can unwittingly be forgotten, ignored or avoided as we habitually focus, depend on and give our energy away to externals.

No matter who or what comes or goes, I will be with myself for the rest of my life. I intend to get to really know, love and respect her, seek her best interests, enjoy being her and make a great life of it.

In my next post I will share the vows from the ceremony.


Anonymous said...

The last paragraph is Well said!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea. Are the of you going on a honeymoon?

Lynn Cohen said...

This is the second marriage to self I am reading about in two days. Sukipoet sent me a book, The Wishing List and in that book one character marries herself too.
A new concept to me...I like it.

Lovely photo.
and doesn't Kelly have the best sense of humor though?

Elspeth said...

Lynn, how and why did that character marry herself? And yes, there will be a honeymoon.

angelboy said...

Brilliant...simply brilliant!!!!!!!please express my congratulations to you and yourself, i wish you both a long and amazing life together...with best Angel wishes.


Unknown said...

Awesome. and Beautiful :)