Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One for my Birthday

My birthday gift to myself is "Oneness".

The above photograph is of my feet and my footprints on the beach sand. It symbolizes me standing face to face with the Self and committing to the process of becoming One. The "empty" footprints are not really empty. They are full of every aspect of myself that I am consciously welcoming, embracing, merging with in my True Self.

By extension, the 'empty' footprints also represent standing face to face with and seeing/reflecting the external other (i.e. the various reflections we encounter around us in our daily interactions). The intention is to see, be and reflect our True Selves, from a place of Love = Divinity (non-duality) within and without.

Using this photograph as a template, I invite you to create (as a personal meditation for yourself) a symbolic photograph of your own bare feet and your footprints. If you don't have sand, you can use your empty shoes, chalk marks drawn around your bare feet, impressions on the ground made by your bare wet feet ... or anything else you can think of. In your own time and space, stand face to face with your Self and recognize, welcome, embrace, merge with all that enables you to be the full and true "You".

Sat nam

I will close with the words in the birthday card that Daddy made for me:

You deserve the best birthday on Earth ... not to mention the Moon, the Stars and the Universe.

... and yes, it already is the best.



Angie said...

hav a great 1 :)

Tammy-Jade™ said...

Happy Birthday.

"Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time."
- Jean Paul Richter

Chookooloonks said...

Happy birthday, friend.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love this photograph of feet and "feet" in sand. You and Yourself facing each other. Beautiful in all ways.
I like the challenge of doing it too.
I am so glad you Daddy has MADE you a birhtday card and that your birthday is all things wonderful.

Wishing you a long long lifetime of happiness.

Kris Loya said...

Blessed Birthday to you my sweet beautiful friend. Today i especially miss our gelato/lab dates but i know we will go again!
I wish for you the space to clear, the time to heal and a place to be.
Love you!!


Sweet said...

I've been following your blog for a while...just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you.

Elspeth said...

Thank you, everyone.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Elspeth! It sounds like you have a very special father!

LoLa said...

Happy B-day...what a great card from your Dad!

Sehraeuber said...

Happy Birthday to you, Elspeth !