Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank you for the names so far

Yesterday I received four suggested names for my new keyboard/MIDI controller. I will announce the selected name at the end of the week. Meanwhile, the doors are still open for names if anyone wants to offer more.

Two names, as requested, were left in the comments section of the blog.

From Celsa:
"Sakura" (the cherry blossom) - since she is most likely a keyboard of Asian birth.

Ironically I went to see a German film last night, part of which was set in Japan. Cherry blossoms featured prominently. They are a symbol of the female principle (beauty and sexuality) and impermanence.

From Jayme:
Two ideas, both from Sanskrit: Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music and the arts

, a word which means harmony, melody and feeling. It is one of the three pillars of Indian Classical Music and has deep meaning in that context (explanation of meaning here)


Other names sent to me by other means (i.e. not left in comments on blog) were:

From Kathryn:
Call it "Clavier" - French for keyboard (musical as well as computer) - or "Clav" for short or maybe Clé" which means "key" as in key for the door but may be symbolic as the new keyboard is the "key" to something new - new music - new vibes or something...

From Navid:
1. Azar (Persian for Fire)
2. Farah (Persian for Joy, Happiness, Cheerfulness.)



I suggest the name 'Virochana'

Virochana was the king of Asura (demons)and son of saintly Prahlada.Virochana went to Brahma for self knowledge, but misunderstanding His teaching turned a materialist.

I think same has happened with music or musical instruments. Music is the nearest tangible medium, which lead us to our inner consciousness but alas! What a poor fate of music and musical instruments now a days. All of them become a materialist!

LoLa said...

I'm coming up blank, but I like Cle or maybe the plural of this. Les Cles ? (not sure if this is correct)