Saturday, December 12, 2009

Do I charge for window lamps?

One of four panes on Dreaming God - one of the early window lamps

In the comments on yesterday's post, Tammy-Jade asked (in reference to window lamps): "Do you sell these? Or is it a hobby?"

In the very early stages (1998) I used to make them as gifts, but over the years as people became aware that I made window lamps, they started to commission them. So the answer is yes, I sell them.

Each one is unique, intuitively and specifically designed for the person commissioning it. They are metaphysical art pieces, three dimensional prayers, physical affirmations fuelled by Light.

I love creating them because each one is a new journey and adventure through which I learn and experience transformation on various levels.

When handing the lamp over to the new owner, I do so at a lamp launch which I create and organise in keeping with the symbolism of the lamp. Each launch is interactive, merging the spiritual and creative into a unique experience for each person who attends. I love having these launches: from coming up with the idea, to inviting the people, to organising the actual event, to experiencing it and hearing/seeing/feeling what others get from it as well.

What I love most about making window lamps is that
a) I never know where I will find the window or who will give it to me but they always appear just when I need them
b) I never really know what the lamp will be. It dictates itself along the way
c) They are an excellent vehicle for the upliftment and "lighting up" of self and others - both process and product.


Tammy-Jade™ said...

I'm not ready for a lamp yet. Maybe when I get my own place. But I hope when I am, you'll do it for me if you're still in Trinidad. :-)

Elspeth said...

Bien sur.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love the sound of that: "if you're still in Trinidad."