Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Perfect Christmas Eve Gift

The Bird of Peace came to visit

Last night my friend Vandana and I came back late from dinner. Jasper was waiting. We got out of the car and, as I went to lock the gate, I heard V call out: "Jasper has something!" I looked in time to see him standing over a small form against the wall on the ground.

I went quickly to what looked like a dead dove. Jasper was sniffing at it but, surprisingly, not grabbing at it as he normally would. I reached to take it up and realised that it was still alive, just sitting quietly.

"How odd," I thought, for a few reasons:
(i) It was alive but Jasper was not attacking it
(ii) It was not exhibiting the slightest hint of fear when I picked it up and held it
(iii) I checked the wings, legs and body and there were no injuries and no blood - yet it was not flying

A part of me thought maybe it was traumatised and stunned. But it seemed to just be at peace, sitting quietly in my hands, as though sitting on eggs in a nest. We took it upstairs and put it in a basket out in the verandah, so Jas would not get at it during the night. It sat quietly in the basket, not moving, just blinking its eyes.

In the morning I went onto the verandah before dawn to do yoga. The dove was still in the basket, sitting quietly. I picked it up, once again observing that it didn't even flinch with the slightest indication of fear or struggle.

As yoga finished, there was a flutter and the bird jumped up to the edge of the basket, then down to the floor.

I went to get it and held it in my hands as I spoke with one of my fellow yoginis in Toronto via Skype. The bird sat in my hands and, at times, perched on my finger, looking content.

As soon as we hung up the Skype call, the dove looked at me, flapped strongly and took off.


Anonymous said...

Nice visitation! Peace to you, Elspeth.

Wuzdescene said...

Merry Christmas Elspeth! :-)

Kimberlie said...

Gentle is attracted to gentle. I think that's why the dove stayed. What a gift for the both of you.

Lynn Cohen said...

What a lovely visit from the dove and how sweet of jasper to bring it to your attention so peaceably.
Happy New Year friend.


I just float here to say HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hope this year you do more and more yogic practices and also earn money as much as you can :)