Sunday, December 6, 2009

Launch of INTIMACY

Invitation to INTIMACY

Today is the launch of INTIMACY.

It is by invitation only.

There were spaces for twenty people but only 12 are coming.

These twelve were either people who indicated they wanted to come or people who were directly asked by me because I felt they would enjoy and benefit. Clearly this is the number meant to be.

A friend in Toronto who was following up on the lamp may have a parallel event, in order to experience the launch 'vicariously'.

Those who are coming are excited. Many have gone out to purchase a scarf. Those without a scarf will not be allowed to enter the venue (Moksha Yoga Studio).

No one knows what they will be required to do until they arrive.

During the week I will give a summary of the event.


Lynn Cohen said...

Couldn't you have extra scarves for any who may not have one of their own, like some restaruants have neckties for men who come less dressed up?

I hope it is a huge success.

Elspeth said...

I was planning on taking one extra scarf in case, but those who are coming have been reminded.