Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prep's Garden

7:24 mins
Food security in Trinidad and Tobago - a national priority

I completed the above video this week (7:24 mins). It features 6 year old students of the primary school I went to as a child (The University School).

Hopefully after viewing this you will be inspired to plant your own organic garden (i.e. if you don't have one already).

As a thank you for making this video with them, the children gave me some of their delicious organic ochros.


Ticky said...

How delightful! This is what we needing to be teaching our children along with the reading, writing,and arithmetic.

And you never know when you might "break your leg..."

Elspeth said...

I agree - children should learn to plant from an early age and enjoy reaping and eating their own food. When I was small I used to plant seeds from the kitchen: corn, pumpkin, pigeon peas, watermelon, etc. It's so much fun seeing things grow and bear.