Monday, March 8, 2010

Let's see what happens

The only time I've ever used the classified ads in the newspapers is whenever I was looking for apartments - either for myself and/or someone else. But recently, while flipping through the papers, I stopped on the classified ads page and started reading them, to see what was there. As I read the Business Services in particular, it struck me ... how come I have never put an ad in the classifieds ... and what would happen if I did? Might as well. Nothing to lose ... only to gain (new clients, extra money).

I checked out the prices and it's really affordable to place classads.

I called and booked two ads to run for a month. The process is simple. You write your words, you email them to Classads and then they call and tell you the price and you pay it. Your ads appear the next day in the papers and also on the internet for free.

As with most of the other classads, mine say the bare minimum necessary. The more you say, the more you pay.

I also remembered that years ago an organisation had hired me to do proofreading of some of their documents. I got paid quite a bit per page and, as I'm good at spotting errors and making corrections to written English, it was quite a good way of making extra money. So I put an ad for that too.

Let's see what happens.

Now noticing the nature of the business below my proofreading ad


Lynn Cohen said...

I Like your wording for getting your writing right! Clever you, and yes, to be ABOVE the cesspit is a good place to be.

Good luck, I hope this brings you much business.

Elspeth said...

Thanks. That's true, Lynn. Better to be above the cesspit indeed!