Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A space for healing

Some days ago I went to take location photographs of a friend/fellow yogini's rereat house up in Maracas (about ten minutes drive or less from the bay). She had asked me to create a simple flier for her to advertise the rustic healing space - for conscious retreats and workshops.

When I got home, instead of creating a flier, I decided to put together a simple blog for her, with images and brief descriptive captions.

With blog, as opposed to flier, she can:
(i) have more images and wording included
(ii) attach the link as an email signature and have it spread virally via fwds, etc.
(iii) easily send the link to people wherever they are in the world
(iv) be found in Google searches by people she would not have been able to reach otherwise.
(v) include the blog link (for more info/images) on a simple flier if she decides to do one

You can visit the blog here and find out more about Ananda Mahi. You may be interested.


Anonymous said...


The photography is great. I think you should still do the flier, it will get into the hands of people who do not read blogs but are looking for somewhere peaceful to go to.

Elspeth said...

Thanks, That's true.