Thursday, March 18, 2010

What do you do?

Heart leaf found while walking on burnt hill next to house

I help spiritually conscious people who believe that Love is everywhere to raise awareness.

This was my result after doing the exercise in this free downloadable workbook. The workbook is from a site I came across the other day (via a link on this blog) called Heart of Business. I like the site because it's easy to understand and makes "business" seem warm, approachable and pleasurable.

What Mark at Heart of Business makes clear is that what you "do" is not just about the label (e.g. artist, chiropractor, gardener, etc). That is of no real benefit to people. The little exercise in the workbook helps you reach a starting point from which you can explore the idea of what you give to people as a result of being a _______ (whatever your career label is).

It makes sense. At the end of the day, if I just say "I'm a multimedia artist", what does that do for anyone?

He says at the end of the exercise to test it out on friends and associates, which I did (without realising I was doing it). While dropping a friend to the electrician yesterday, I started telling her about the exercise and what my resulting phrase was: "I help spiritually conscious people who believe that Love is everywhere to raise awareness." Her immediate reaction was "Oh wow! How beautiful!" I saw her interest in her body language too, as she immediately shifted her seat belt to turn and face me directly, waiting to hear more.

I realised her reaction was exactly the kind Mark from Heart of Business said you get when you shift the "what do I do" to more of a "what do I do for you?"

No one has ever exclaimed with such enthusiasm: "Oh wow! How beautiful!" when I've said "I'm a multimedia artist."

I said to my friend: "But will people take that seroiusly?"

She replied: "It will make them stop and think ... and they will want to know more."

Definitely something to work with. I will refine the phrase in days/weeks to come.


Lynn Cohen said...

Its a mouthful, but it says a lot!
I love what you do. You contribute so much to the world.

The photo is stunning. You are also someone with an eye for beauty found any and everywhere.

MorenaMedia said...

I love it!
And you too!!!