Monday, March 1, 2010

Testimonial from Patti-Anne Ali

Patti-Anne Ali
Photography: Elspeth Duncan
In 2004, the Sugar House Drama Company staged its tenth anniversary production - "Single - An Act of Love". This original one act play was nominated the following year 2005 for Caciques in two categories; Best Original Play and Most Outstanding Dramatic Production. "Single" was an unprecedented artistic success and this was in no small part due to the talent and professionalism of Elspeth Duncan. Elspeth not only scored the original music and shot the film sequences for the piece, she also did the photography. Consequently, the look and feel of the production took on a distinctive, unforgettable and evocative personna. I deeply appreciated her willingness to understand the heart of the piece and to contribute her own perspective to bringing the work to life. Her work enriched mine.

On my return from acting and directing in New York, I looked forward to working with Elspeth again. Recently we did a photo shoot at Mount St.Benedict. Again, her approach was organic yet controlled, moments of pure genius. I love the results of the shoot and plan on using these pictures for headshots and PR. As a Director and an Actress with an international repertoire of work, I choose to work with people who inspire me, with their own talent and professionalism. I choose to work with Elspeth.

Patti-Anne Ali, Director/Actress, founder of
Sugar House Creative (formerly known as Sugar House Drama Company)

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Lynn Cohen said...

Mazol Tov!!!
What a review!!!!
You are GOOD!!!
You must feel very proud!!!