Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update and some photos from Veronica's House handover

Veronica's House (2 bedroom, pre-fabricated). Still some work to be done: plumbing, painting and finishing touches inside, landscaping outside. It should be ready for occupation in at most 2 weeks time.
Hanging at the front entrance, the bow on Veronica's 'gift'.
Standing in front of the house with members of Habitat and one of the sponsors, FCB who gave proceeds from their golf tournament toward the house.
The shovel for breaking ground.
The ceremony was to be a very short one, starting at 4:30 p.m. and, ideally, would have well been over by 5:30 p.m. My friend Tamara and I were there from 4:00 to lay out refreshments. Some Habitat staff were already present, tying bows and preparing small details. Other staff, along with the sponsor, arrived by 4:30-ish.

Unfortunately however, the Lady of the Manor and Moment, Veronica, never made it ... due to a combination of (i) leaving her destination in south late (the person who was to bring her to the ceremony arrived at that typical 'Trini time') and (ii) the unfortunate ever-presence of severe traffic on her route.

She will receive the keys during the week.


Mitra Sticklen said...

Elspeth this project has been very inspirational and powerful. You have been so driven and the results are stunning. It is only unfortunate that more people don't approach life with the same passion to change the world. Congratulations on an amazing project. Much love, Mitra

Anonymous said...

Hi Elspeth
Just seen these pics - truly amazing!