Monday, August 6, 2012

"Important Pubic Notice"

Yesterday, walking with a friend along the waterfront from the Breakfast Shed to the Hyatt, I saw this sign. My eyes first fell on "Pubic Notice" and I chuckled. Some idle person had removed the "l" from "Public" to be funny.

As I read on, the message began to take on disturbing undertones. It seemed like a warning message to parents and guardians "of all children" to "be extremely vigilant" and "be alert & careful" in open public spaces where who knows what can happen. Suggestions of predators/male exhibitionism ("while he front off") and nuances of incest/child abuse (perhaps because cases of such are prevalent in Trinidad and Tobago) seemed to be at the core of this warning.

Did someone deliberately rip these letters off in fun ... or to sound a warning?
Did those particular letters just happen to peel off for themselves in all the rain we've been having?
Did I happen to read "more" into what is actually there?

Whatever the answer, the fact is, parents and guardians do need to be extremely aware and vigilant of what is happening with their children ... in public and private spaces.


Lynn Cohen said...

Horrible thoughts. I know parents are way more protective of children today than they were in my day. We had such freedom to roam and we did. Today I rarely see children playing out in front of their own homes. RARELY if ever! It's so sad. We played outdoors every day all summer long and after school the rest of the year until dusk. And our parents whistled for us to come in.
I do not recall them checking on us. We played in the street (kick the can, hide and seek, etc.)
My grandkids are so scheduled in sports and other activities...there is no hopping on your bike and riding all day where ever you want and coming home at dinner time like we did. It is definitely a different time.

Elspeth said...

I agree. We were like that too. Riding and playing in the streets until it got dark and/or we were called in for dinner. Children now are mainly playing indoors on video games or are on the computer. Glad I'm not a child in today's world.