Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Supreme Being

I was recently in Tobago (8 - 14 July) as film facilitator for this year's EMA environmental camp for youths. The camp started off with environmental lectures (this year's theme was "Green Economy: Does It Include You?"), then the 15 students were separated into Drama Group (10 students) and Film Group (5), each under a facilitator ... with 4 days to develop pieces based on the theme.

We stayed at Footprints Eco Resort where the creating took place. The above video, Supreme Being,  is the resulting film product, written and filmed by the 5 youths in my group. 



Lynn Cohen said...

Goddess of film making too! Beautifully done!

Afrodeity said...

WOW. This was amazing. Are those your light drawings in the credits? Fantastic.

Unknown said...

El, this is absolutely beautiful! Very moving. A prayer indeed. :)