Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Survey for upcoming project. Please partake.

Dear All,

I am conducting a survey for a project soon to be revealed and would appreciate you answering the following questions. You can leave your answers in the comments section below or email them to me using the link in the 'About Me' section in the side bar.

1. How do you feel when you open the mailbox and find personal mail from a loved one (i.e. not bill, bank statement or flyer, etc)?

2. When last did you receive a personal letter, card, gift, etc in the mail?

3. Do you send personal snail mail to loved ones? (If yes or no) Why? 

4. Would you like to receive more personal snail mail? (If yes or no) Why?

Are you comfortable with any or all of your answers being used online as part of the project? (N.B. It is a reputable and inspiring project with which I'm sure you would like to be associated. You will know what it is before your answer is used).

If yes, please let me know how you would like your name to be shown online (e.g. Sally Jones, Sally, S. Jones, S.J.)



1 comment:

Patricia K said...

1. Like I exist. These days it's hard to feel loved when the only way people show they remember you or are thinking of you is by going on your Facebook and liking your last status.

2. February of this year.

3. Yes. I like sending them without telling the person that I'm sending it that way it's a nice surprise and if they're having a bad day they might even get a slight smile on their face in just knowing someone was thinking of them.

4. Yes. Everything is so impersonal these days with the internet/texting being the number one way people choose to contact each other. It's depressing and just knowing someone took more than a few seconds to send you a note feels good.

It's OK for you to use my answers in your project if you'd like to. I'd like the be shown as Patricia V. :)