Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gift of the Treasure Bringer

I had just finished yoga, checked e-mail and was wondering "Hmm, what will I blog about today?" ... when I heard a noise behind me.

I looked around to see Jasper (whose name aptly means 'Treasure Bringer'). He was wearing his "hunter's look" and had a dove clenched between his jaws. Thinking that the bird was still alive, I moved quickly to get it from him. He dropped it and ran off. But where did he drop it? In the large clay saucer, next to the two lumps of clay which I will be using to make my interactive art piece for Mystic Intervention (which is part of the Red Earth Eco-Arts Festival).

Very interesting ... since my piece is about Nature's Wisdom and the messages She brings to guide us through life ... if we only take the time to slow down, tune in and listen.

"Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you." (Book of Job; 12: 7 - 8)


Divine Ms. M said...

Do you realize the photo of the dove looks like a mouse or hamster or some such pet rodent. You need to look at it long enough to see do...because you know you photoed a dove...others looking at it from the first time, I did, saw a rodent. I only realized it was not a rodent by reading the text.
All this to say ---you have a great photo there...I love art, and make art that look like one thing, but changes depending on who is viewing...more to read.

Divine Ms. M said...

made a mistake,,,said i did not realize a rodent until i read, it should have said dove.

Elspeth said...

Hmmm, I'm not seeing a physical rodent, but I'm seeing the gentle spirit of a mouse in the face and the eyes ... so I understand why you would see one. Plus the colour is like that of those little field mice.

Elspeth said...

And I also like when art changes depending on who's looking at or experiencing it. Or I should say - I like when people allow themselves to see beyond what is physically in front of them and don't accept the art as 'just' what that artist has created ... but also realise that they too bring something to 'what it is'. That's what changes it.

Samantha Rochard said...

Talk about a message. Jasper has presented his goddess with the offering of a bird.
From Jasper's view, the bird was his meal...was it his gratitude for the sustenace you provide him with everyday?

From another point of view birds are symbols of Transcendence. Could it be that you are about to experience just that, with this project?

Elspeth said...

Funny that you should mention Transcendance with the project ... because the aborigines who are coming from Australia to perform are called "Descendance"!