Saturday, May 16, 2009

Invitation to Mystic Intervention: Cleansing (with video)

Tomorrow we will be cleaning the Mystic House ... sweeping, dusting, cutting bush. This will clear the way for us to commune and brainstorm, which is our original intention for meeting there.

The above video is from footage I shot while I was sweeping the floor of Mystic House a few Saturdays ago, when three of us met to see what kinds of things would inspire us while we were in the House.

I took the sound of the broom sweeping (from the video's audio) and used it to create a rhythm for the music. The heavy thud is the wooden part of the broom hitting the floor. The brushy part is the sound of the leaves being swept.

If anyone wants to come and help us clean, cut and brainstorm, you are welcome. This is an interactive art experience ... so why not make it interactive for the cleaning and brainstorming part too?

You can come at 4:00 p.m. Bring cleaning implements (broom, mop, bucket, cutlass, shears, garbage bags, etc.).

Directions: Road to Macqueripe Beach ... turn onto small stony road on first right before ruins of St. Chad's Church. You will see the little wooden house on the right.

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