Friday, May 15, 2009

Love Heals: A Success Story

Early yesterday I got a request for one of my watermelon seedlings from someone (Maven) who contacted me with interest in attending the Raw Yogic Anniversary Celebration. I felt excited, knowing that my casually tossed seedlings would be going to a good home.

I immediately went outside to the seedlings left under the pine tree, to transplant them into a pot to carry for their new owner on Sunday. The first thing I noticed was an uprooted watermelon seedling, weak and withered, practically dead, lying to one side on the dry ground (it's dry season now). Jasper had most likely dug it up, as he digs and does his 'business' in that spot (natural manure).

The name "Melanie" (maybe because it sounds like 'melon') popped into my head as I carefully picked up the seedling. I put her in this little pot with some healthy soil and gave her some water.
The sun was relentless, so I put "Melanie the Melon" in the little garden just outside my window, under the shade of the palm tree, flanked by the healing aloe plant and the large heart shaped rock I'd found once at Maracas Beach. I didn't think about it, it just felt like the right spot ... and so it is, because symbolically the heart rock and aloe coming together give the message that Love heals.

So true.
Look at Melanie the Melon today!


Anonymous said...

Yay, you saved her life! She looks really happy now. Is she the one going to your friend?

Elspeth said...

I transplanted some to a pot for her. Melanie the Melon doesn't have a particular home to go to ...


Lovely Melanie!

you are a great soul