Friday, May 29, 2009

A Miracle!

One of the many
I woke up to a snowstorm of feathers all over the ground and no sign of a bird ... which was odd, because Jasper normally doesn't eat his prey. But, since there was no body, I thought he had made the exception. Judging from the amount of feathers, I was convinced that the bird had not survived.

I went to plug in the vacuum cleaner in the plug behind the fridge and something told me to look behind the washing machine. Lo and behold, there was a plump ground dove, 100% alive and looking fine, but scared. She looked up at me, made a squeak and ran out from behind the machine. Because she was running, I thought that her wings were damaged ... but just as I thought that, she flew up and bounced into a window (disoriented). By this time I had my camera in hand.
She ran into my room and onto my yoga mat
She then proceeded to run into my room, where I thought (as most birds do) she would flap around in confusion, probably hurting herself as she struggled to find a way out). But she seemed to know her way. She ran onto my yoga mat. In that moment, Jasper, who was on the bed, made one last leap onto her ... but before he could touch her, she lifted off and flew effortlessly through the window!

Totally amazing: (i) that any animal had survived after that snowstorm of feathers (ii) that she had so easily found her way back to freedom and life.


carles Comella said...

Super blog.

Lynn Cohen said...

My heart was beating so fast waiting hoping urging that bird to get the heck out of Dodge!
So glad she made it.
He and Henry will be in the Dog House for this one! Henry hasn't done anything bad lately but he will, I mean, really, he's a CAT!

Elspeth said...

Noooooo, he's not a bad cat at all. It's his love offering. He very rarely maims them beyond repair (if at all). And only once in a blue moon will I find them dead ... and that's probably more from fright than anything, because he rarely punctures the flesh that badly.