Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to enjoy paying bills (with update)

When I pay bills with a cheque and drop off in the FasDeposit at the bank, I enclose a note written on a pink Post-It. The last note I stuck on my TSTT bill was the one in the above photo.

I just got back the stamped bill in the mail. When I opened it, the same pink Post-It was stuck to my receipt. Whoever got it was returning the sentiment


(Update ... next day):

... and I stuck this one on my TSTT bill today (22-05-09)



This is great thing to do...sometimes small notes can help people to reflect back with equal or more sentiment...this is also a change

I like your idea...

Celtic Crystal said... least they didn't steups and throw it way!


Anonymous said...

That is pretty nice. When I was working at COSTAATT, after helping someone, they returned the next day with a poem they had written thanking another associate and myself. I felt touched that someone would do that.

Positive notes like that may certainly brighten someone's day and I'm sure they'll tell someone they know (I know I would!).