Monday, May 18, 2009

Melanie the Melon goes to Yoga and meets her cousins

Throughout the class, Melanie the Melon sat next to me in the Tibetan singing bowl. With all those vibrations she was getting, I'm sure her melons will be sweet and sacred.
Yesterday eight people were supposed to come to the Raw Yogic Class/Picnic., but as life would have it, unexpected things came up out of the blue: sudden flu, injured puppy to be rushed to vet, document to finish, car issues, etc. In the end, it was three of us.

Because there was a man drilling in the auditorium where we do yoga classes, we left and went to a quieter spot: the nearby home of one of the students, who is an artist. We had an intimate class in an outdoor covered space, followed by the raw yogic picnic. I had made a large mixed salad, Indian spice cashew nuts, flax/sunflower/herbal 'bread' (dehydrated), raw apple curry dressing and chopped garlic and almonds for garnishing. Desert was dates and slivers of dry coconut. After, we chatted about various things and got a fascinating artistic tour of our "host's" work. We left feeling refreshed, inspired and sated.

I had taken Melanie the Melon to the class (so she could get some vibes) along with the seedlings I was carrying for Maven, who wanted some. But because Maven was one of those who didn't come, the seedlings ended up having a different destiny. Dev, one of the students who was there, said he would take them home and plant them by the river. Isn't it perfect how things work out? Watermelons will thrive in that moist environment. It's exactly what they need.
Destined for a life by the riverside.
The watermelon seedlings, sat at the end of my yoga mat during the class.
In a twist of coincidence, when we reached to Gerard's house ... at one point I noticed some watermelon seedlings on the ground, in the soil between the driveway paving. I cried out "Oh no!" ... thinking that the seedlings in the green pot had fallen out and been crushed when Dev was moving them from the car. Lo and behold, Gerard had been eating watermelon at some point and had tossed the seeds in pretty much the same way I had. He didn't even know what kind of sprouts they were.

It felt like Melanie and her siblings meeting their distant cousins.
Unfortunately Melanie's cousins look crushed, but I'm sure they're resilient

That's what I found amazing ... that I had carried watermelon seedlings to yoga and, in shifting our regular venue, we ended up in a place where there were other watermelon seedlings growing. It felt like confirmation of things being exactly as they're meant to be.


Samantha said...

Awwww....that's cute.....

Lynn Cohen said...

full circles
things working out
happy seedlings
happy yoganiks
raw food enjoyed
art appreciated
day complete
bring me

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