Thursday, June 19, 2008

Craving Truth

Delicious paste I made yesterday with carob, honey and tahini,
to satisfy my chocolate craving.
About a week or two after I had started eating raw, I thought about going to the cinema and instantly began to crave M & M's. Whenever I go to see a movie I buy a large pack of M & M's and a bag of popcorn to munch on during the film (although I usually finish both before the movie starts because of how long the trailers and ads take).

Having just started the raw foodism, I didn't want to succumb to the M & Ms, so I decided to ride out the craving, observing it from what felt like an objective, detached perspective. I soon noticed there was a difference between what my body felt and what my mind was focused on. My mind was thinking about the chocolate (and wanted it because of habit and association with the cinema) ... whereas when I tuned in to my body, there was no desire for the M & M's at all. As soon as I realised this, the craving disappeared.

This reminded me of the importance of checking in for the truth of how we really feel about what we think we want - not just for food, but for life.


meadysmusings said...

Ive always read about carob as a substitute for chocolate and seen it used in particular on this cook show that a Japanese/Hawaiian? lady used to have on the Wisdom channel when they used to show it on TV here in TT. Dont know if you know the show but she used to sometimes cook with her sons and at the end walked on the beach and it usually had a spiritual quote at the end usually from Indian philosophies. The show is dated so the kids would now be my age or older i.e. they were <10 in the 70s. Anyway I figured carob was around since then it means but I dont know where to get it in TT.But yep that lady was always making low sugar and all these healthy snacks for her kids on it and on the whole lots of more natural and healthy foods.

Where can you get carob in TT? I have been trying to stem my need to eat MMs if I go to see a movie too but have convinced myself of it by reminding myself that one big pack which I think isnt that much is >400 calories...cause at the back it says 220 but then you realise that pack is 2 servings!That has worked for first I used to remember to stop at half...then used to remember to share but felt not good for the person I shared it with have now moved to raisenets! Which is currently sold in smaller bag where the bag is a serving itself...not sure how many calories...think bout 160 or 220 for the bag.

The thing is isnt cocoa in its rawer forms the essence of chocolate's taste? And if chocolate cravers can like that wouldnt it be good for them? Like I realise I more like the chocolate flavour etc than the sugar so like I like the stronger chocolates but as you get darker it becomes bitter and that I dont>60% dark choc gets bitter...

So maybe dark choc sweetened with honey?

What is tahini? Guess can just go search on web...but where do you get it in TT as well...

I definitely think the idea of you doing a book of this rawist stuff is worthwhile and even better the idea of you making these foods for sale! As it does seem you are really good at it at least from the look and sound of your recipes them seem to be really good! And many people dont have the time or ability to make such dishes so it would be very welcomed by many who want to go that way but cant do it themselves. And you'd not just be selling them food or a recipe book but food that was conscious and good for them too! There should be more products like that available out there. Id definitely buy a book like that or even meals like that if was within my reach and budget. Of course Id have to actually taste it first to know Id like it!

Interestingly and on an entirely diff note! My mummy's bday is the day after urs! Of course no such gourmet treat from me!

Anyway there must be some bloggers rule out there that a comment should not be longer than a blog itself so I better curb my tongue and get to it! Have a nice day!

Elspeth said...

You get the LCE (Longest Comment Ever) Award. You can get Carob Powder at the Health Food Store on Eastern Main Road in St. Augustine (the one near to the stretch of shops across the road from HiLo. Tahini is a paste made with sesame seeds. It has a somewhat nutty taste. You can get it at Suneaters on Roberts Street in Woodbrook (almost on corner of Murray & Roberts - bright fuschia wall if I remember correctly). I think you can also get it at Adams and Peppercorns.

Andreamuse said...

That's a really interesting point about the mind vs. the body! I'm glad for you that you were able to ride past the cravings!

Elspeth said...

Cravings are interesting things when you think about it. I've been thinking of them more since that mind/body chocolate moment. At their simplest, cravings are 'just cravings' ... but on another level they're like clues, telling us something more about life and what's going on inside.

Webgrl said...

t6his is SO weird i totally skipped out on mms yesterday at the movies. its also my movie food of choice.
I'm trying to eat healthier so i skipped m&ms and had baby carrots and water that i smuggled in
much better:D
miss u girl!