Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Orange Orgasm

Another of my raw culinary inventions:
The delicious psychedelic orange beverage which I've named
'Orange Orgasm' ... or Svadhistana Sweetness.
Yesterday my first customer got an exciting raw lunch delivered to her office. Being one who wants to eat raw but doesn't yet have the time to really get into it, she ordered a meal from me. What fun. I had a great time inventing raw concoctions and intuitively putting it all together, thinking as I did so: Wow ... this is not just a meal, this is a whole experience!

Yesterday's exclusive Raw Experience menu was:

Wishing Star Cabbage Lasagne
Layers of raw goodness topped off with a five finger star
(Eat the star and make a wish then dive into this special dish)
Orange Orgasm
A sweet, wholesome fruit mix spiced with Cinnammon
(Better when shared)
Skin & Dip
Banana dipped in creamy 'chocolate' carob sauce
(So decadent it's good for you).


Andreamuse said...

I'm going to repeat what I said before and say that this is a business MEANT for you!!

Elspeth said...

I'm chuckling at your use of the word 'business'. I know what you mean, but that word somehow doesn't fit ... so I'll think of another one that does. I'm enjoying the whole experience. Every day is like a new discovery in many ways.

Andreamuse said...

business is sort of a cold word in comparison to what you are doing, lol! You're doing it out of love and challenge, and who knows what will come of it! :D