Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where are you going now?

Jasper claims my suitcase. Ears back, eyes slightly flattened means he's not too pleased about my departure. "Where are you going now?" He thinks that if he sits on (or in) the suitcase I won't be able to go anywhere. I'll most likely return to find the usual welcome home gift of a dismembered animal carcass somewhere in my bedroom.

Dear All,

From tomorrow (Sunday) through the next three weeks (to July 21st) I will be away. Not overseas, but inland and incommunicado. I was one of the (ten) writers from the Caribbean selected to be a part of this year's Cropper Foundation writers' retreat ... so that's where I'll be.

The retreat is on the coast. I don't think we'll have internet access and, even if we do, I won't be using it. Neither will I be using my cellular phone. I'll use the opportunity for its intended purpose - simply to write, away from the everyday 'distractions' of the civilized world.
A snippet from Lily (haven't touched it in months)
During this time I won't be blogging. Possibly the longest I've gone without it since starting. Sounds like some kind of drug fix. Maybe there will be some withdrawal symptoms ... but that's okay. The energy will go into whatever I am writing. Maybe I will continue and complete the refining of 'Lily' ... or maybe something completely new will grab me and sweep me away in a huge flood of inspiration. I will be open to whatever comes ...
My purchase at the market a few mornings ago. The only thing I didn't eat was the melongene.
Cooked meals are being provided. So I told the organisers about the raw foodism and they were very understanding and accommodating. They said I can use their juicer and blender (rather than having to bring my own), fruits and vegetables will be provided with every meal and the 'House Mother' will go and buy extra fruits and veg for me as I need them. I will bring my extras: the nuts, seeds for sprouting, whatever supplements, etc. It will be my first time away from my home environment since being raw, so it could be challenging in ways ... but I may go with the flow and eat other things if I feel like. It's not Nazi Germany.

3 weeks of surrender, flexibility and openness.

Blogger has a feature (scheduled posts) which allows you to write posts ahead of time, set them at an intended date and they will be published automatically while you are away. I was thinking of using that feature, to keep the blog going while I am gone ... but I think I will leave it as is ... dormant for the time frame.

There's a lot here already and even more over at the original blog, Now is Wow. Feel free to stop by and explore any time you feel like.

So, my friends, until 21 July or thereabouts, keep well, be safe, be happy.



Anonymous said...

Maybe your readers can be your blogger? .. let them share and express what is going on.. and when you return you can select a couple..

Ask a question or have them build off of a question and see what they come up with when you return.
only thing they must include is the date.

meadysmusings said...

Good Luck Elspeth!

And good luck wtih keeping up the rawism while there...but yep writing should be your main focus while there so if you have to go cooked I would be interesting to experiment with the idea if what we eat affects how we write or what we write about think of elspeth's writing and how it is affect by raw food vs. cooked! :)

Malaika...interesting idea...

Elspeth said...

Malaika, interesting idea - for readers to 'blog' when I'm gone. Don't know how that would work, though. On the list of labels there is one called 'Questions'. Maybe those are questions that can be answered (in the comments). Or maybe people can just write whatever they want. Maybe right here on the comments for this post? Hm, I don't know ...

Thanks, Meady. I definitely think how we eat affects what comes out - in every sense. I'll 'experiment' and report back to headquarters when I return.

Andreamuse said...

I'm so excited for you. I hope you will be able to tell what this experience was like when you get back. I hope that you are swept away on a surge of inspiration!

haha, poor Jasper. Poor neighborhood birds! :D

K.C. said...

COngrats and you will be missed. Hope the inspiration hits and you will write what comes completely natural for you. I hope the lamp that is inside you shines! Kayce

Lynn Cohen said...

Bravo for being chosen to be a part of this writers group, Elspeth. Bravo for trying new ways of eating healthfully.
I'm just back from 28 days away...but I did blog some and emailed some...yes, addicted...truth of the matter is just that.
Wishing you great inspiration.
Wonderful consumption
and happy digestion!
Looking forward to more samples of what you wrote.

Tresa said...

Missing your written word, Love!