Sunday, June 8, 2008

Press Releases and Camping

'Greetings on Behalf of Our Environment' got some good visibility in the press yesterday. There was this press release in the Guardian (featuring four of the photos) and Newsday also printed a release , but I can't find the link to that one online. I'm looking forward to people purchasing the cards and sending their environmental messages out. Looks like there may only be the 13 original handmade ones available, since I have not yet seen or heard more about the 100 cards promised by the sponsor ... but the thought was good while it lasted.
Speaking of 'while it lasted', camping and stargazing was also fun. Saw Saturn clear as day through the telescope, as well as some massive star clusters and other planets. Then the stars all disappeared ... covered by rain clouds.

As glad as I am for rain, why, out of all of these dry, hot, almost desert-like days of dry season did nature decide to bring a tropical depression this weekend? The unexpected pitter patter in the darkness became something of a downpour with flashes of lightning, heavy mist rolling from the sea and the drums of distant thunder. To cut a long story short ... the army (who was there protecting us) eventually made us leave, stating: "you all have to go because everyone else going home!" Most of the people there had driven off as the rain started ... and I guess our protectors wanted to go home too.

So much for camping and braving the weather ...

We ended up camping anyway (i.e. sleeping in our sleeping bags) on a friend's verandah. Not the same, but still fun.


human being said...

us, too
Elspeth projects;
stars brightening our nights
rain on our dry minds

see? we are stargazing and camping too...

Anonymous said...

I only pitched a tent on my own once, and it rained that night. Fortunately all the seams were well waterproofed and I survived. That night I dreamed about mama crocodile coming to eat me, though.

K.C. said...

I sat out tonight staring at the moon and was awe struck for an hour or so. So, to be staring at Saturn would have sent me into a tailspin I am sure. Much envy coming from me right now.

Loved your comment about me having a present tense affirmation. Loved it and it gave me so much real faith again today... Thanks as always... KC