Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life is a Lamp

So, let's say that this is what it's like to be working on the new lamp ... documenting it step by step as I did with the others. As with the beginning of creation of every lamp (where I wash it in a variety of ways, depending on the particular window - see one e.g. here) I think that eating raw (or largely raw if that's what you can manage: lots of fruit, veg, water, etc.) is one way of washing/cleansing the human window ... only it is/can be/should be ongoing. With the cleansing, the lamp is ready to start becoming and evolving. I didn't consciously think of raw foods being a part of the new lamp process when I realised I needed to do one, but it was happening at the same time ... and it fits and makes sense.

N.B. This isn't becoming a cooking blog, by the way. Just sharing the process as usual - and it happens to include the edible.
Sunday lunch: in the middle of a large plate I placed a large sweet pepper filled with delicious raw hummus and soaked walnuts. The pepper coudn't stand by itself (rounded bottom) so I sliced off a section of the top (thick circle) and used it as a stand in which to place the pepper. Surrounded by salad (Sprouted mung beans, soaked walnuts, grated beet, grated carrots, stripped lettuce, raisins, olives, diced tomatoes, diced cucumbers, patchoi strips) and (not in photo) a small, grated raw sweet potato (sprinkled around sweet pepper in centre). Sprinkled spirulina over the salad area. Yummmmm. Very colourful, delicious and filling.
My first consumption for the day yesterday: a large smoothie made with watermelon, mango, sweet peppers, cucumber, flax meal, spirulina, coconut water.
This is what one glass of it looked like after blending ...
with lots more left for a mid-morning top up. Yum.
Even the skins and shavings look good and have their use
(can be used as compost).


Andreamuse said...

I think I could do this raw food thing if you were my cook! It all looks delicious!

Elspeth said...

If you were still here you would definitely be one of my culinary 'guinea pigs'.

Gary said...

Looks so delicious I think it's a pity you have no cooking blog!
You are very aware of the correspondence between the inside and the outside/the artist and the artwork.

K.C. said...

I think that it is exciting that you are exploring your new lamp. You have a really, really good knowledge of what the real lamp is all about, as it is.

Once we can fix the first lamp, then we can illuminate the world.