Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My exciting edible souvenir

Some of my sea moss
I have never tasted sea moss and never felt inclined to try, mainly because the very sound of it never appealed to me. However, this has changed. Last week in Balandra when I went for a walk with two of the new 'raw sisters' ("Yinna" and June) from my Raw Queendom, I saw sea moss hanging from the rafters of a little wooden seaside stall. I got excited when I saw it and bought a few bags at $10TT each. I was excited because this is a great source of protein and it is something new for me to try in my raw explorations.

It had been freshly harvested from the sea and still had bits of coral (or something akin to coral) stuck on it (the root area). In fact, about an hour later, as Yinna and I hopped in a maxi and took a long drive to Sans Souci (translated, that means Without Worry, which indeed we were), we saw freshly harvested sea moss being laid out to dry in bulk on wooden tables at the roadside. I felt excited, knowing that my sea moss was a part of that migration from sea to land to digestive system ... so primal and part of the immediate environment. Like an edible souvenir.

Over the weekend I cleaned and prepared the moss ... and this morning added some to my green smoothie. Ingredients: bundle of patchoi, one Julie mango, one pear, generous helping of sea moss, flax meal, about a cup or more of coconut water. It was extremely delicious, nutritious in feel and full of exciting textures.

Me and Yinna in the maxi, hurtling to Sans Souci,
past the ocean that once was home to my sea moss


Andreamuse said...

oh the nostalgia of a maxi ride!!!!! (And hearing people's voices...I thought I heard your voice a bit in there toward the end!)

Elspeth said...

Yes you hear right. A snippet in the wind.

human being said...

hmmm your sea moss seems so yummy...

enjoyed be with you and your friend on the ride by the gorgeous ocean...
thanks for sharing, Elspeth.

Anonymous said...

This looks great! I have had sea veggies a lot lately...yesterday seaweed salad and also some in my green smoothies.