Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Synchronicity ... my new camera

Say hello to my new camera, Synchronicity, ordered from B & H Photovideo (I usually order equipment from them) and received in hand this weekend when a friend came back from the States. From what I've read and been advised on by friends who are photographers, it is a great camera. One of the main reasons I went for it is the fold out, live view LCD ... a feature which I use a lot with my Canon A620. The fold out capability easily allows me to get shots at awkward, ground, low or high/overhead angles. I like having the option of either looking at the LCD or using the viewfinder. I haven't taken any shots with Synchronicity yet and I'm looking forward to seeing what the results are when I do. I feel I will evolve and get more serious about and creative with my images.

Synchronicity is my third ever (still) camera. Below are my other two:

The above photo shows my first ever camera, a trusty Pentax SLR which my parents (who were holidaying in Canada) brought back for me as my requested birthday gift in 2002. This is when I first jumped into the world of photography. This camera (which I now realise I never named) opened up a whole new world and took all the photos for my first solo photography exhibition in 2004 (Waiting for Elaine).

A few examples:
Book of Hands in Water
Two in One
Mermaid's Machine
Angels on Taxi
Mayaro Walk
... and so many others.

In 2006 I stopped using the Pentax (and film) when I moved to the convenience and immediacy of 'Love Bee', my first ever digital (Canon A620), also from Canada. Love Bee is great quality and more of an 'everyday' camera: small enough to carry everywhere with me (in my bag) and take all of my spur-of-the-moment photos (e.g. those on this blog).

So, the way I see it ... I'll continue to use Love Bee as my blogging/online/everyday camera and use Synchro for special projects.


Anonymous said...

Hi all readers.
I can't help but comment that not one person has made a comment or offered assistance for 'volunteers needed'. I think that Elspeth is doing a fabulous job trying to help this unfortunate family. I know that some of you are abroad and cant help. What about you able bodied friends in Trinidad, it should be a good 'lime'. Unfortunately I am too 'old' to offer my physical assistance but I wish some of you would.

If you cant offer physical help, monetary assistance will be welcome as the house has to be paid for. Come on people! Help!!!


Andreamuse said...

Congrats on the new camera! <3

Anonymous said...

Cameras are friends indeed. My first was a Minolta 35mm that was given to me second hand, but I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats..! Well, I got my first digital camera few years back.