Saturday, July 26, 2008


R.I.P. literally, to my favourite footwear ... my Dr. Martens AirWair slippers. This morning the little piece between the toes on the left side ripped just as I was about to walk to the market.

Talk about wear and tear ...

I had bought them in London in 2003 ... so they are about 5 years old. Even after almost constant daily use and lots of walking on all kinds of terrain, wet and dry, they never wore down. The soles don't even have noticeable sinks, indentations or signs of wear, as other shoes may after any considerable length of time. These Docs certainly lived up to their tagline (made like no other shoe on earth). Definitely sturdy ... except for that one little spot that gave in today.

I'm not seeing this style online and I don't think it's something the cobbler can fix ... but I'll take it to him just in case. If not, then time for something new.

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Anonymous said...

I hope a cobbler can fix them. Many times I have found myself wishing I'd bought two of something, but by the time I realize that, the style has already been discontinued.