Monday, July 28, 2008

Whatever became of The Dream Tree?

Remember back in May when we placed a multitude of our dreams (which had been deposited in the Dream House window lamp) into a hole in the earth and planted a Flambouyant sapling (the Dream Tree) in that hole in this special tree planting ceremony?

Well, yesterday I went hiking back up to that spot with three friends: Wayne (who owns the estate), Nic and Simone ... to see how the Dream Tree and the other tree (which we had named the Protector) were doing.

I am happy to report that our dreams are alive, lush, vibrant, healthy and flourishing!
Interestingly, the Dream Tree is actually growing in the form of two trees (a forked tree) coming from one base stem. Harmony, togetherness, unity, balance, connection. As Nic or one of the others pointed out: "It is growing so well because of all the Love that went into it from all of us that day." Indeed, a lot of positive energy and healing vibes went into the planting of this special living monument to our dreams. As such, it has a fantastic energy to it. The kind of tree that you cannot resist hugging, touching and/or kissing. (For more photos from that auspicious May day of planting our dreams, see here).
Wayne stands next to the Dream Tree to show proportion. When we planted it in May it was just a few inches above our ankles. Note how lush the surrounding vegetation is with all the rain we've been having. When we planted the trees in May, that area was practically bare.
(l. to r.) Nic, Simone, Wayne, me.
N.B. The Dream Tree in the background between Simone and Wayne.
Perhaps because it was planted in a less moist area, the other tree (The Protector) is much smaller than the Dream Tree. Nevertheless, it is healthy and growing well, at its own pace.
This (which reminds me of a waterfall cascading down a sheer mountainside) is the wax that dripped from the candle we had lit (symbol of light for our dreams) when were planting the Dream Tree. Imagine about 2 - 3 months later the wax is still there on the moss, looking as fresh as if it had happened yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about the Trees recently. It is wonderful that they are doing so well. Love, indeed.

Andreamuse said...

oh wow! Thanks so much for updating! I was wondering and hoping about that tree. What a magical tree. I hope it continues to bloom with all our dreams!

Mitra Sticklen said...

beautiful! i have often revisited the dream i wrote down and planted with the tree, and i'm happy to report that my dream has been flourishing as much as that tree! can't wait to visit the tree when it's even bigger and even more of our dreams have come to fruition.