Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Symbolic explosions in my bedroom

On Sunday, walking through the forest to get to the Dream Tree (see above 1 min video clip), I found this interesting, strange looking thing on the ground. I had never seen one before (neither had the others) and had no idea what it was. I picked it up, put it in my knapsack, brought it home and put it on a shelf on the desk I am currently resting my laptop on.

I was happily tapping away at the keyboard, doing some work when suddenly, right where I was sitting, I heard an explosion, like a gunshot, and fragments of something shattered to the ground all around me. My first thought was that I had knocked something over and broken it. But how could that be when I hadn't even moved? There were brown fragments on the ground all around the desk. I bent down to look at them, thinking they looked like pieces from a dark brown clay pot ... and thinking "But I don't have a dark brown clay pot."

Then I realised that it was the strange looking thing I had brought home. It has exploded and shattered into a multitude of fragments. I was instantly reminded of this post I had read some time ago by Guanaguanare.

In the forest, holding up my 'strange find'.

The below excerpt from Guanaguranare's post mentions the scattering of the diaspora, using the sandbox tree as a metaphor. What an interesting symbol to come across on the walk to the Dream Tree. Is the forest giving messages?

The Sandbox tree that is our nation understands that too many seeds near the base of the tree does not allow for optimum growth, either for itself or for the seedlings to come. It arranges it so that its seeds and as well, its survival as a species, will have the best chance possible. There isn't sufficient light or food or space for us all here. And it does not wait for the wind or the waters or animals. Catáhua people are deliberately pitched far and wide to near and distant shores. If circumstances allow you to return or if the "saudade" drives you to claw your way back, don't think yourself foolish and please do ignore the, "What you come back here for?" comments. On the other hand, if you choose to or have no choice but to remain abroad, understand that even though you are not at the base of the tree which bore you, the life force that propelled you outwards hopes only that you will put down strong roots wherever you are.

(Excerpt from here)


Anonymous said...

explosions in the bedroom! Well, you know that title got my interest. but, ahm, the story bout the tree interesting too. kinda.

Tresa said...

Hummmm... I don't remember hearing this??? ;) ahem... just where exactly was I then???? :) ~T

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. If that is a message, it is anything but subtle. Bang!

Guanaguanare said...

Thanks for the mention, Elspeth. It's funny, but "diaspora" has been on my mind recently, but from another perspective, that of the recipients of the scattered seeds, the places where they eventually put down roots. These places do benefit from the items which we carry in the jahaji bundles of our hearts and minds and bodies...I've been thinking recently about Diaspora as Ark. Thanks always, for your support.

Elspeth said...

Diaspora as Ark? Interesting. I am curious to know how you think of it in that way.