Friday, February 26, 2010

How to become a billionaire

This morning before dropping my nephew to school, I realised I had a dollar note in my pocket (change from buying newspapers earlier). Rather than put it in my wallet, I asked him if he wanted it. The following was our conversation.

Me: Do you want a dollar?

L: Yeah

Me: Do you want me to autograph it?

L: Yeah

(He watches as I sign my name on it)

Me: Hold on to that. Today it's one dollar, but when I'm famous it will be worth millions.

L: Great! I'll frame it. And I can get people to touch it.

Me: How much will it cost to touch it? Lots of people will want to.

L: $100 per touch.

Me: Nah. At least $1,000.

L: Yeah, but when I'M famous it will cost 500 million dollars just to SEE it.

Moral of the story: Don't think big or bigger. Think biggest.


Lynn Cohen said...

Sweet, how old is this nephew, little budding business person?
Love it.

Elspeth said...


Anonymous said...

Profound statement and an amazing child with perceptible prudence expressed in this article. God Bless You.