Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big Snake Kundalini & something to do with/for your new love(r)

Anna's outfit (Anna the rainbow boa)

Last night I had many intense dreams. In one of them, I was at the Queen's Park Savannah having a picnic with a friend. I can't remember now who she was, but in the dream we obviously knew each other well. We were sitting on the walkway, rather than on the grass, but no one was there walking. I was rolling around on my back, like dogs do when they're happy. At one point I rolled and my face met with the face of something looking like a large frog. Jumping up, I realised it was a large snake. I had never seen anything so huge. Its length stretched across most of the savannah.

Upon seeing me, it started to move slowly in our direction. I realised that despite its size and power, it was harmless and gentle. This being Trinidad, I knew that people would start chopping it and trying to kill it, so my first instinct was to protect it. To cut a long story short, a long line of people lifted it and were carrying it somewhere in the direction of the hospital. I went to its head, which was bleeding (I guess people had already started to attack it) and it rested against my chest, telling me something which I can't remember. That part of the dream ended there.
Dreaming such a large snake, I thought two things:
1. Kundalini
2. Those who play Play Whe would play Big Snake (also Dog and King) today and on Sunday 4 July. Why 4th July? Because a moko jumbie I met recently called to invite me and some friends to the Folk Fair on that date in the Queen's Park Savannah. There, the Prime Minister (Kamla) will unveil a massive pencil built by this moko jumbie. It is the longest pencil in the world and will go into the Guinness Book of World Records. (Long pencil ... savannah ... long snake). I feel this 4th of July will be a very important day on many levels.

In another part of the dream, I was visiting Chookooloonks in Texas. We were in a small, brightly-lit studio (lit by sun through the window), talking. At one point she offered me a drink and I chose herbal tea with one level teaspoon of brown sugar. Before she left, she mentioned a friend she had who is a hairdresser and who was there at the house. I asked her if he could give me a haircut and shave off all of my hair. She thought it was a great idea and returned with the tea, the friend and his machine to shave my hair.

In the time that they took to come, I made the decision to leave my hair long - remembering that hair is considered a great conductor of energy and also that "Kundalini" comes from the Sanskrit word Kundal - meaning "lock of hair from the Beloved". The awakening of Kundalini is the "uncoiling" of this hair, releasing the creative potential in each of us. In the dream I felt that cutting it would be cutting something that was coming into being on various levels.

As the friend of Chookooloonks walked in, from the look on his face I could tell his first thought: Why are you shaving off your hair? My first thought was that I knew he was gay even though he didn't "appear" so by societal standards.

I told him that I had decided to leave my hair long, but that I wanted to pay him anyway. I gave him two five dollar bills and told him: "Spend one to buy something special for yourself and one to buy something special for someone you are in love with - and share." As I said that, he looked at me and his face turned red, as though to ask: "How did you know that I had just met someone special?"

As simple as it was, I felt like what I had given him had opened a door to success in this new relationship. Maybe it is something to try. If there is someone new that you are interested in romantically, take two five dollar bills. With them, buy one special thing for yourself and one for the other and share.

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Karen from Chookooloonks said...

Love this idea -- and love that i was in the dream that inspired it!

I may use the idea for my old love instead, though ... :)

Thanks so much!