Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tea & Readings: Daisy Chain

Later this afternoon (4 - 6 p.m.), Paperbased Bookshop will host a tea, with readings of extracts from Daisy Chain.

The above image shows one of the 50+ wire daisies I made yesterday. Each yellow centre contains a different random line chosen from the novel. These wire daisies are the "tea tickets" to be presented when each booked guest is receiving his/her tea.

The readings will take place in The Marketplace, the intimate space just outside of the bookshop, with tea tables arranged to accommodate the booked guests. I'm sure there will also be space for those who did not book tea, but intend to come and hear the readings.

Today's readers are:
Patti-Anne Ali
Angela Blackman
Elspeth Duncan
Carolyn Harnanan
Carol Hosein
Gabrielle Hosein

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