Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The social media cacophony

The world, the internet, full of so many people at the same time all wanting to be seen, heard, noticed, responded to, accepted, wanting to belong, wanting to find self, to find other, to be found by other, to find information, to find love, to create fame, to express, to promote, to connect ... an endless spectrum of reasons.

If people were pixels there would be a trillion kazillion billion million infinitillion many pixels. Each of us - no matter who we are - would be just one pixel, making up a big picture, but almost invisible on our own in comparison to the whole.

Sometimes it feels like rooms full of people, all talking at once - sometimes even shouting. We all add to the cacophony.

What are we saying and why? (Myself included).

1 comment:

LoLa said...

We're saying: "Pick me, pick me, pick me" I don't know why.