Friday, June 11, 2010

Why Newsday's Letters to the Editor made me cry

This morning I went for a walk, bought papers, returned home and sat in the driveway with Jasper, reading. As I was perusing Newsday's Letters to the Editor, I suddenly started to cry - but not out of anger, frustration or hopelessness. If I had ever cried over the papers before, it would have been for one of those reasons. Instead, I was moved by the gratitude, support and hope being expressed by people ... as opposed to the complaining, wrath, blaming, frustration, begging for help, etc. that we often used to see. Not that it doesn't still exist and will all magically disappear overnight, but it is refreshing to see markedly less of the national negativity - both in the media and in everyday life.

The particular letter that triggered my tears is the one below:

Thanks to Jack, Anil

Friday, June 11 2010

THE EDITOR: I would like to thank my representative for D’Abadie/Omeara Mr Anil Roberts and the Minister of Works and Transport Mr Jack Warner for their quick response towards my plight where my home was in danger of being washed away due to massive land erosion caused by the Mausica River.

I would like to highlight my plea for assistance from the previous government for years which was never attended to. I was ignored by all concerned. On Wednesday June 2, 2010 Mr Roberts and Mr Warner and their team visited my area to see the situation first hand. I was told that in two days time work would commence which in fact happened.

To Mr Roberts and Mr Warner I thank you so much for saving my home.


O’Connor Drive

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