Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interview with Carole Anne Ferris, photographer

Photographer Carole Anne Ferris
A few days ago I featured an interview with Irukandji about his new album, Beauty In Destruction and the upcoming launch party (end of July 2010 - stay tuned for details). The launch will feature:
(i) A soul-stirring opening electronica set from DJ Kasaya
(ii) Special Irukandji DJ set featuring tracks from the long-awaited Beauty In Destruction
(iii) The screening of the video I created for You Are Calling (one of the tracks on the album)
(iv) A slide show of behind-the-scenes production stills from Carole Anne Ferris who was present on the first of the three video shoots - aka "The Magic Shoot" (although they all were magic)

Having interviews with some of the people who were involved is just another way of promoting the event and giving those who are interested some more insight into thoughts behind the scenes. The short interview I did with Carole Anne (below) gives a glimmer of insight into her involvement:

1) Tell us about the kind of work you do as a photographer.
Photography is just one medium to create imagery that draws my attention and to somehow reflect whatever that moment inspires. I also do illustration/art/graphic work and initially, that was where I began using photography, as a visual database. I love the immediacy of photography and the way we now have all the facilities of a darkroom at hand. I also see the moving image as an extension of this and that the two disciplines are and will be very much intertwined as technology now can give us an opportunity to switch between the two. The still image and the moving image combination is something I find very interesting.

2) How did you become involved as the photographer for the "You Are Calling" video shoot?
From the publicity you sent regarding participation in the shoot I just thought it would be a lovely opportunity to take stills and work with you.

3) How does the phrase "You Are Calling" translate for you personally?
You are Calling - to me implies a desire to communicate and be heard.

4) What moved you to shoot the images you shot on the day of the first part of the shoot?
I am not sure I even think about this - in fact apart from deciding on some angles and light and possible settings I pretty much have to stop thinking too much. Every now and then a thought will arise to try something and I just follow that.

5) Anything else you'd like to add re this particular project?
I enjoyed the ambiance, the people involved, the merging of creativity of the music, the dancers and your inspired visual sense inspired me also.

Stay tuned for details on the launch of Irukandji's Beauty In Destruction

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