Monday, July 5, 2010

Something new is coming

Early this morning after yoga, I headed out for a walk. One of the first things that caught my eye was a brown dove sitting on the overhead wire above the front gate. A few steps on, I looked down and saw the top of a newly-hatched bird's egg (not the above photo). My first thought was: "Something new is coming."

When I reached back home, I looked behind the hedge at the side of the driveway to see if Jasper was there waiting for me. He was not, but I saw another piece of a newly-hatched bird shell (above photo). Again, I had a similar thought: "New things are coming." This piece of the egg looked like the part that would fit with the top of the egg I had seen earlier. Could it have been? They were so far away from each other. Far away yet connected.

Those of you who read this blog will know by now that I'm always noticing animal totems and the messages they bring. A few days ago, I read something which advised us to particularly pay attention to animals in this month of July.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about this month?

Yes. There seems to be something about animals this month that is important for many of you. The animal world is communicating with the human world in all kinds of ways right now. The animal world is very much involved in all of your Enlightenment process and they are giving you messages both by representing themselves as metaphors, but also there are personal animals appearing to you on an individual level to get your attention.

It is important this month, especially if you feel connected with animals, it is important to pay attention to what animals come into your vision. They might come physically like physically in your presence. They might appear on the television or they might appear in your dreams.

Research the totem meaning of any animals that appear to you. Consider in your heart what that animal represents to you. Look for messages and meanings in the animals around you because the animal kingdom has kind of stepped it up a notch. They have all together, increased their contract with humanity, made it more potent and they're working more or showing themselves more to you in an effort to help you wake up to yourselves. Pay attention to animals this month. Do not ignore them or disregard them -- even the insects that come into your house or crawl across your desk. They have a message for you, so pay attention.

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LoLa said...

did you see Kikopotomaus Tehran Video? take a look.

Everyday here, I am more disheartened by the amount of road kill out there. Squirrel after squirrel, cats and dogs. Also I've been seeing an odd assortment of animals in my trafficy neighborhood. Rabbits galore and chickens. I've never seen chickens running wild in any of these neighborhoods before.

I'm going to send you an email of the barn swallows at grandma's house. I'll post it soon probably, but I think you'd be interested.