Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A KIND day

Yesterday I went to take photos of underprivileged children on behalf of KIND. The images will be used for huge posters and photographic panels - decor for a major fundraising concert KIND is having toward the end of this month to raise money for services - specifically the Sponsor A Child to Learn Programme.

The family I visited is made up of five children (eldest 11), two parents and one baby due next month. Their abode is very humble - a small, one-room wooden shack on top of a steep hill. Their view is one that people would pay hundreds of dollars a square foot for: panoramic expanse of the plains, the capital and the ocean. Next door to their wooden home a small new house is being built for them.

The children are warm, bright, well-mannered and friendly. We took to each other immediately. It was clear that, despite being disadvantaged, they are loved. Their parents do what they can to provide for them: food, shelter, education, clothing, attention, guidance. Organisations like KIND help make this possible.

The children were intrigued by my camera, so I let them take some shots of their own. They did a great job even though the camera was a bit heavy for them to hold. My favourite of their photos is the one below. Either Jesus or OJ took this one. N.B. The red orb above their mother's head.
Click here to read more about the upcoming concert and KIND's mission to provide for underprivileged children.

To contact KIND for information or tickets, please call:
485-1260 (Dominique Galt)

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Lynn Cohen said...

Beautiful children. I was moved by the worried frown on the first picture child's brow. sweet want to kiss it away. Lovely photos, all. So glad they will get a new home with a view!