Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Daisy review

I recently returned from six days of camping in an all-woman festival and found Daisy Chain's rich female characters an extension of my experience at the festival. To be transported back into women's lives through a series of short stories all connected to each other was a deeply spiritual gift. I was entertained, moved, saddened, uplifted and connected to women and myself throughout the pages. There is just once section of the book that felt out of place for me -- the chapter about the author in the middle of the book. The writing style is quite different from the other chapters and broke the flow for me. I would have preferred to have had this section at the beginning or end of the book. Other than that, I found it a gem.


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Lynn Cohen said...

I'm still reading and find this an equally good read when relaxing in my hammock in my back yard chillin' and also great over lunch as I can get in one or two venyettes before getting back to work. So far I have laughed and sighed; but have not yet cried.