Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You have a date with 53 women on Sat 10 Sept 2011

53 women, each linked to the next in a chain of eclectic vignettes. Think, imagine, embrace and wonder . . . not only about their lives, but about your own.
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YOU HAVE A DATE WITH 53 WOMEN. Meet them at the launch of Daisy Chain . . . and take them home.

The launch of "Daisy Chain"—the stream of consciousness novel by Elspeth Duncan— features filmed novel excerpts, readings, book signing.

The novel will be available for purchase at the launch courtesy Paper Based Bookstore.
Admission: Free

"In this remarkable collection of vignettes, Elspeth Duncan spins tales that draw the reader into the creative process. She gives us characters who are at once familiar and yet strangely unfamiliar, whetting our curiosity just enough that we find ourselves imagining endings for her tales, creating stories for the characters that tell as much about them as about ourselves. This is the genius of Daisy Chain. After one story, the reader is hooked. It's an exhilarating ride to self knowledge through the stream of consciousness of fictive characters."

(Elizabeth Nunez,—"Anna In-Between", "Prospero's Daughter" and other novels).

Daisy Chain is also available from (with reader reviews):


Lynn Cohen said...

Wishing you a most successful launch! I read over lunch again today...I think I am reading more slowly as not to end the book too soon. I meet Lucy next! They are becoming like girlfriends...can't want to go to lunch with a new one!

Lynn Cohen said...

Oops, I meant can't WAIT to go to lunch with a new one.

Elspeth said...