Saturday, August 20, 2011

Try this . . . simple, powerful.

Yesterday I went to visit a friend/yoga teacher from Toronto who is here to give a workshop today. While we were sitting chatting, a huge Jack Spaniard was buzzing around her head.

"They love me," she said. "Whenever I come here they swarm around."

She began to tell me a story of a time she was in Trinidad to do some spiritual work. She used to sit at a desk near to a bookshelf. Every day Jack Spaniards would fly in and out of the bookshelf, but she wasn't sure why . . . until one day she looked and noticed a huge nest behind the books.

She alerted the three other people working with her. The normal procedure is to burn the nest, but they couldn't, as it was in the bookshelf. One of the group, a girl from Findhorn said:

"We have the intention to move this nest. Let's sit and meditate in silence for 20 minutes. When we're done, we will say to the insects Please leave within 24 hours, otherwise it will be necessary for us to find a way to destroy your home."

The party of four sat and meditated in silence for 20 minutes, after which the Findhorn girl said aloud what she had to say to the inhabitants of the nest.

Within 8 hours, the large Queen flew out of the nest and through the window, never to return. None of the other Jack Spaniards ever came back either.

What I like about this story is the calm conviction of the girl from Findhorn and the subsequent results.

Try it, with something you want to see happen in your life. I did it last night before bed.

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Anonymous said...

It is indeed a miracle and thank for sharing.